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SQUASH is an interactive, real-time mobile application connecting local restaurants and customers, enabling restaurants to provide insight driven, personalized food & entertainment experience to customers.

Interactive, Real-time & Customer Centric

Squash is a real-time application connecting local restaurants and customers. Using SQUASH, restaurants can instantly publish specials and events to customer devices. Customers will always have most up-to-date menu with them. They can order from Mobile, make reservations, get real-time status updates, collect rewards, and participate in special menu polls.


Daily Specials & Events

Restaurants can publish latest menus, including daily specials & events, directly to customers.


Customers can order items ahead or reserve table, to help restaurants predict demand.

Built-in Polls

Restaurants can include customers in special menu decision making, through integrated real-time polls.

Mobile Ordering

Customers can directly order from mobile, and restaurants can process the orders in real-time.

Real-time status

SQUASH provides real-time status notifications to restaurants and customers.


Restaurants can use discounts & rewards to build a solid customer base.


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About Us

SQUASH is a mobile App developed by Dinecube Solutions, a start-up company based in North Jersey, focusing on digital transformation of local restaurants. Our innovative solutions will enable local restaurants to provide insight-driven, personalized food & entertainment experience to customers. When New Jersey announced Covid-19 related lockdown, we built a free mobile app named NJDine to connect restaurants and customers. The application was well received by local restaurants and customers. It was featured in town newsletters and local media.