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See latest menus from local restaurants, including daily specials & events, on your mobile. Order from mobile, get real-time status updates and collect rewards.


Local Vibes

See latest menus, including daily specials & events, from local restaurants on your mobile.

Vote for Specials

Be part of special menu decision making at local restaurants, through built-in polls.

No fees, Whatsoever

Menu prices are set by restaurants, and there are NO add on charges like service fee, convenience fee, or I just thought of this new fee etc. 😊

Order on the go

Conveniently order from your mobile.

Love Local; Eat Local

Support your local restaurant community.


Collect rewards from local restaurants.


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About Us

Dinecube Solutions is a start-up company based in North Jersey, focusing on digital transformation of local restaurants. Our innovative solutions will enable local restaurants to provide insight-driven, personalized food & entertainment experience to customers. When New Jersey announced Covid-19 related lockdown, we built a free mobile app named NJDine to connect restaurants and customers. The application was well received by local restaurants and customers. It was featured in town newsletters and local media.