Chalkboard menu to Mobile orders in 48 hours.

SQUASH mobile app empowers local restaurants by adding direct-to-consumer menu publishing and mobile ordering capabilities.


Direct to Consumer

Publish latest menu, including daily specials & events, directly on to customer devices. Be less reliant on static paper menu.

Customer Engagement

Include customers in special menu decision making through built-in polls.

Build solid customer base

Use loyalty programs to build solid customer base.

Increase local presence

SQUASH lists restaurants by town to increase local visibility.

Predict demand

Pre-orders and reservations will help plan better and provide best-in-class service to customers.

Commission FREE ordering

SQUASH lets restaurants keep profits on their hard-earned money.


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About Us

Dinecube Solutions is a start-up company based in North Jersey, focusing on digital transformation of local restaurants. Our innovative solutions will enable local restaurants to provide insight-driven, personalized food & entertainment experience to customers. When New Jersey announced Covid-19 related lockdown, we built a free mobile app named NJDine to connect restaurants and customers. The application was well received by local restaurants and customers. It was featured in town newsletters and local media.

No order commission | Cancel anytime | 24x7 support | Low monthly fee

Contact us at for FREE equipment ($250 value), FREE installation and FREE trial.

Offer expires on 31-December-2022.