Women’s Day

Women’s Day
On March 8th every year we celebrate Women’s Day. This day marks the resilience, determination, and strength of women around the world to put an end to universal female suffrage. It was started in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours, better pay, and the right to vote. The idea to make it international came from Clara Zetkin, a communist activist and advocate for women’s rights.

International Women’s day and food
As per Clara Zetkin, there wasn’t a fixed date for International women’s day. But on March 8th, 1917, Russian women protested, demanding “Bread and Peace” an end to World War I, food shortages and Czarism.

UN International Women’s Day Theme 2023
DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

It explores the impact of the digital gender gap widening economic and social inequalities. It also showcases the importance of the rights of women and girls in digital space and addresses online and ICT-facilitated gender-based violence.

Squash App wishes a happy women’s day to all the women around the world.

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